Round the UK and Ireland. June 2017.

(Looking for Elvis)

Its most satisfying to have a mission

Sailing around Britain and Ireland seemed like a worthy bit of sailing. To give it some meaningful purpose we have decided to look for Elvis along the way.

Well...... The plan was to leave 5th June and start sailing round the UK. However while looking good on the grib files for a while, 4 days before it wasn't looking great. The dominant high pressure in Europe weakened allowing the Que of depressions to squeeze through and passage East. Monday 5th June saw some quire strong winds in the channel (severe gale 9) and after blowing through we are waiting for the next one. The outlook starts to look favorable Friday 9th, Saturday 10th June.

So the week has been profitable. I have managed to do a host of small jobs on the boat... not essential but just needed doing, engine service, life jacket service, stage, diesel etc etc.

On inspection the trusty life jackets didn't look that trusty. My "offshore" jacket had disintegrated around the gas valve inlet... It was a total write off. The other onboard jackets all failed ... auto inflation cartridge failure, and corroded bottles. I have serviced and replaced the items, but retired those jackets to stock, or Rib duty... Definitely inshore work, and have bought new jackets for the whole family.

I have been working on the sailing software. The on board system (in addition to more traditional systems) is that all instruments talk to the AIS transponder which broadcasts all data to a tablet . The Android tablet(and my phone) runs a great App called SailGrib which overlays all sorts of data onto charts and helps with visualizing the current situation and route planning. I am excited about the route planning functions and will get to grips with that on my way round. Its great to have all the data in one place and be able to see wind, current, other vessels etc etc at a glance. On Pegasus we sailed with a laptop, but Slamat is smaller and a monohull so likely to be wetter (not great for laptops) and has less battery availability, so a low consumption tablet will work well. It will also carry the music, business files, e mail, and many other functions that i may need on the way round. Technology making life easier!

So today i am looking at grib files and planning the departure. Once i have a date and time i can buy perishable provisions and stow them and work out the final details... then its time to slip lines and get going.

Our sailing log can be read here




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