Sailing Log


Below are the daily / weekly entries that form the sailing log of Slamat sailing round Britain and Ireland ostensibly looking for Elvis.


Well, the wind continues but i can see a gate.... It looks like the weather will ease off on Saturday 10th June. Looking at the tides it looks good at 0200 local time Saturday morning, so thats the plan.

I have provisioned and all i need now is the frozen stuff and im off. Dinner at home with the family and down to the boat to sleep for a few hours then slip lines.

I have loaded the fantastic SailGrib programme and set up a route. this powerful software shows what wind i can expect along the way and using a polar from another Sagitta 35 i can see where i expect to be at any given time and the local conditions (tide and wind) this is important so that i can plan sleep etc away from shipping lanes, and see that i dont have excessive wind or tide when i navigate the shallows around the thames estuary and costs of  Kent, Essex and Sulfolk... all looks good and it shows me (in max speed mode) making Fair Isle Wed afternoon 14th June. I dont believe it for a moment but with some sea time i can tune up the polar as percentage variation and hone it to an accurate predictor...


Oh so boring... suddenly i have some pressing work to do and have spent the morning writing contracts etc... lets hope thats the last of that for a few days.

So Slamat is ready, diesel full, food on board and all im waiting for now is the wind to ease a little and the tide to turn.

The next log entry will be along the way somewhere, probably Sheltland.

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